Leo Awards 2012

May 2012 – The Leo Awards Celebration and Gala nights were on May 25 and 26. I’m thrilled to announce that my team and I took home 2 awards that evening. Best Sound Editing/Feature Length Drama & Best Overall Sound/Feature Length Drama, for our work on the film Donovan’s Echo. Congrats to the entire Donovan’s Echo sound team!

On the sound editing team: Miguel Nunes, Roger Morris, Angelo Nicoloyannis, Rick Senechal and Josh Stevenson. I also want to thank the awesome foley crew “The Foley Cats” which are Don Harrison and Ian Mackie.

On the mix team: Greg Stewart (Dialogue&Music Mix), Miguel Nunes (Supervising Sound Editor/Sound Design & SFX Mix), Roger Morris (Co-Supervising Sound Editor), and Eric Lamontagne (Production Mixer).

I’ll be doing a post in the future about the sound on Donovan’s Echo. Stay tuned……

Here’s the Trailer for the film.

Congratulations to the Post Modern Sound team for 1001 Nights, which won for Best Overall Sound/Animation Program. (Greg Stewart, Jeff Jackman, Angelo Nicoloyannis, and Rick Senechal). They beat out our team on Max Steel:Makino’s Revenge who were nominated in the same category. The Max Steel team includes myself, Gord Hillier and James Fonnyadt.

Congratulations (for wins and/or nominations) also go out to a bunch of other shows that I was involved in: Carl Bessai’s Sisters & Brothers, Simon Davidson’s The Odds, Brent Butt’s Hiccups, Bruce Ramsay’s Hamlet, and Trish Dolman’s Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson.