News – June 2012

June 2012

Tracks Across Sand

Completed full audio post this week for Hugh Brody’s 4 hour documentary series, Tracks Across Sand. The series follows¬† the Kalahari Desert Bushmen people, their land claims, as well as the almost lost language “N/uu” and the efforts to revive it. Mixed at Bionic Audio.


Also this month, I wrapped sound effects editorial work on the film Ambrosia. The film was produced, directed and edited by Baharak Saeid Monir. Final Mix took place at Post Modern Sound in mid June by Greg Stewart and Don Mann.


Next up is the horror film Grave Encounters 2 –¬† Directed by John Poliguin and Produced by The Vicious Brothers. I’ll be starting sound design work on it next week.

And on going throughout the summer and the fall are mixes for Haunting Hour-season 3. Looks like I’ll be sound designing a couple of episodes in August as well.