News – Winter/Spring 2013

So far this year has been one of the busiest. My project studio has allowed me to take on a larger variety of projects as well as help independent film makers with tight budgets achieve quality post audio on their projects. Between that and my work at Post Modern, as well as other facility’s in Vancouver, bookings have been steady.

With several new pieces of gear and upgrades over the last year, my room is sounding really good, and the workflow for sound design has been awesome!

Post Modern Sound has been hiring me on several Lifetime movies over the last 6 months. Many of them have been a lot of fun to work on, including She Made Them Do ItRestless Virgins, and Romeo Killer. All of these films fall into Lifetime’s “True Crime” genre, and the direction has been edgier than I expected, which fortunately falls right up my alley. Composer Mathew Rogers (whom I worked with on “The Grey Matter”) wrote excellent cutting edge scores, and the blend of sound design and music worked seamlessly.

I also had the opportunity recently to work with some mixers that I hadn’t partnered up with before, including Jo Rossi on The Carpenter’s Miracle which mixed at Post Modern, and Don Mann on Chupacabra vs. The Alamo, which mixed at Western Post.

 kokaneemovieouthereIn January, I was hired to work on the film/commercial The Movie Out Here. This movie was geared straight for the 19 year old beer drinker male. I brought on Ryan Thompson to help out with SFX, and we created hilarious sounds for the project. Greg Stewart and Tony Gort mixed at Post Modern Sound. Theatrical release was March 1, 2013, and I’m sure it’ll be out on DVD and iTunes soon.




In January, I sound designed and mixed the Crysis 3 : Suit Up commercial and launch promo for Goldtooth Creative and EA.

The cut was pretty intense as I had to embellish the game weaponry sfx, as well as create a whole range of new sounds in a short time, including bullet impacts, ricos, alien weaponry, explos, and much more. The ad was only 30 seconds, but my Protools session was 180 tracks wide, as much as some films. Native Instruments Kontakt was essential for my work on this project. The final mix was at DBC in the “Shag Room”.


Work in February involved Sound Design and Mixing for the first 3 episodes of the Web Series After, as well as audio post on Simon Davidson’s new short film A Cold Night in a Small Town.



Throughout March and continuing in April, I’ve been working on cinematics for a new video game by Warner Bros Interactive. I’ll post details once it’s released….

Also in the pipeline is the feature films No ClueThat Burning Feeling and Lawrence & Holloman. I’ve also booked a new series called Cedar Cove which I start mixing at the end of May.

2013 has been busy so far, and it looks like it will continue to be solid for a while yet….