Leo Award Nominations 2014

TLeo Awardhe 2014 Leo Award nominations were announced last week.

With nominations in several categories, projects that I sound deigned and/or mixed dominated the sound categories. 6 nominations in total!







Motion Picture – Best Overall Sound

No Clue – Miguel Nunes, Gord Hiller, Mark Shroeder

That Burning Feeling – Miguel Nunes

Motion Picture –  Best Sound Editing

No Clue – Miguel Nunes, Gord Hillier

Lawrence & Holloman – Miguel Nunes, Gord Hillier, Don Harrision, Ian Mackie, Geoff Hollingshead

Sitting on the Edge of Marlene – Miguel Nunes, Gina Mueller, Don Harrison, Ian Mackie

Documentary Program – Best Overall Sound

The Emergency Room : Life and Death at VGH – Mark Pitkethly. Miguel Nunes


All of these projects also included several additional crew that were all involved in creating the final product.

The No Clue Sound Editorial team also included sound editors Ryan Thompson, Jay Cheetham, Aaron Olson, Karla Melendez; foley artists Don Harrison and Ian Mackie, and foley recordist Rick “Smokey” Senechel. Also a must mention is the incredibly fun score of Schaun Tozer. It set the mood right from the first note.

Starting from a great script (based on the stage play) the dark comedy Lawrence & Holloman has become a festival circuit indie hit already winning several awards. In addition to the nominees, the sound editorial team also included Ryan Thompson, Jay Cheetham, and foley recordist Rick “Smokey” Senechel.

Creating the sound scape for Ana Valine’s film Sitting on the Edge of Marlene offered unique challenges, and the work of dialogue editor Gina Mueller, along with the sound design I did, surpassed her expectations. The ebb & flow of tension in the film is truly enhanced by the sound work.

I also want to give a shout out to the sound editorial team of The Emergency Room – Life and Death at VGH. They’re work on preparing the sound edit for the mix was invaluable, and without them, the mixes would have not turned out as smooth as they did. Gord Hillier handled the dialogue  edit and Pat Haskill edited the SFX.